More than a trash bin, the stylish and smart solution for recycling. The all-round system
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PATTULINDO: The smart solution for recycling

Suitable for all types
of recycling in the cities.
2 years Warrantly: weatherproof.
PATTULINDO features:
The flared shape helps to extract the bag,
even if full and pressed
The bag is always open under the door
Easy to clean, with extractable bottom



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PATTULINDO is the smart solution for recycling!!!

It isn’t a normal bin, but a real piece of design furniture. It is weatherproof and will can help you in recycling. Forever with you.

Pattulindo is a real piece of design furniture

...More than a bin !

PATTULINDO is very smart:

  • It helps you in recycling, with all cities recycling system
  • PATTULINDO is a stylish solution
  • Its flared shape help you to extract the bag, even is full and pressed
  • The bag is always open, under the doors. Trash never end up out of the bag
  • Weatherproof for outdoor and stylish for indoor
  • Lasts over time, without getting damaged
  • Smart dimension: width 22,05” (56 cm); Depht: 18,9” (48 cm); Height: 32,28” (82 cm)
  • Easy to clean, all surface are waterproof (and fireproof)
  • The bottom is extractable;
  • With a removable shelf, you can have a smaller compartment, for a lighter and smaller bag (for weigher trash, like glass or undifferentiated)
  • It contains 2 bags of 30 US GAL
  • You can have it on foot or wheels
  • Customize the label to indicate the trash even comprtment
  • Its name PATTULINDO!